eBidding / eBonding Database

The following chart shows what obligees are engaging in electronic bonding. It reflects information that currently is available to SFAA and NASBP. We will be seeking to compile additional information for each entry. In particular we hope to show the particular type of bond that can be submitted electronically and the contact information for the obligee. If you have this information, please contact us.

Enter your state in the Search box (located directly above the chart) to display more relevant results. SFAA and NASBP do not endorse any commercial products or services offered by these vendors. If you would like to submit an update, click here. Click here to read brief statements from participating vendors.

StateObligeeType of BondVendor Compatibility
AlabamaDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express
ArizonaDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, Surepath
ArizonaDepartment of Transportation Contracts & Specifications SectionBidBondPro
ArkansasState Highway and Transportation DepartmentBidBondPro
ArkansasDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, Surepath
CaliforniaDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
ColoradoDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
ColoradoBoulder County TransportationBidBondPro
ConnecticutCity of New Haven Bureau of PurchasesBidBondPro, Surepath
ConnecticutCity of HartfordBidBondPro
ConnecticutDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express
FloridaCity of Punta GordaBidBondPro, Surepath
FloridaCity of Fort LauderdaleBidBondPro
FloridaCity of GainesvilleBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
FloridaCity of ZephyrhillsBidBondPro
FloridaDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
GeorgiaCobb County Department of TransportationBidBondPro, Surepath
GeorgiaColumbia County Board of CommissionersBidBondPro
GeorgiaDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
GeorgiaDepartment of Adminstrative Srvs, State ofBidBondPro
HawaiiCounty of KauaiBidBondPro
IdahoTransportation DepartmentBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
IllinoisLee County Highway DepartmentBidBondPro
IllinoisVillage of SchaumburgBidBondPro
IllinoisDepartment of TransportationBidBondPro, Surepath
IllinoisDepartment of Transportation - Division of AeronauticsBidBondPro
IllinoisDepartment of Natural Resources, Office of Water ResourcesBidBondPro
IllinoisVillage of BolingbrookBidBondPro
IndianaDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
IowaJohnson County Secondary RoadsBidBid Express, BondPro
KansasDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
KansasCity of OlatheBidBondPro
KentuckyTransportation CabinetBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
KentuckyUS Army Corp. of Engineers - LouisvilleBidBondPro
LouisianaAscension Parish GovernmentBidBondPro
LouisianaCity of NatchitochesBidBondPro
LouisianaCity of Lake CharlesBidBondPro
LouisianaCity of MonroeBidBondPro
LouisianaCity of New Orleans and New Orleans Aviation BoardBidBondPro
LouisianaChennault International Airport AuthorityBidBondPro
LouisianaDeSoto Parish School BoardBidBondPro
LouisianaEast Baton Rouge Parish School BoardBidBondPro
LouisianaEngland AirparkBidBondPro
LouisianaHousing Authority of New Orleans Procurement and ContractBidBondPro
LouisianaJefferson ParishBidBondPro, Surepath
LouisianaLake Borgne Basin Levee DistrictBidBondPro
LouisianaLake Charles Harbor & Terminal DistrictBidBondPro
LouisianaPontchartrain Levee DistrictBidBondPro
LouisianaParish of CaddoBidBondPro
LouisianaPlaquemines Parish GovernmentBidBondPro
LouisianaRapides Parish Police JuryBidBondPro
LouisianaRecreation and Park Commission for the Parish of East Baton RougeBidBondPro
LouisianaRed River Waterway CommissionBidBondPro
LouisianaSt. Tammany Parish School BoardBidBondPro
LouisianaSoutheastern Louisiana UniversityBidBondPro
LouisianaSt. Tammany ParishBidBondPro, Surepath
LouisianaCity of New OrleansBidBondPro, Surepath
LouisianaEast Baton Rouge City ParishBidSurepath
LouisianaDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, Surepath
LouisianaBossier Parish Police JuryBidBondPro
LouisianaContracting Agency as specified in the project proposalBidBondPro
LouisianaCity of Bossier CityBidBondPro
LouisianaCity of ShreveportBidBondPro
LouisianaWashington Parish GovernmentBidBondPro
LouisianaCity of SulphurBidBondPro
LouisianaCity of DeRidderBidBondPro
LouisianaCity of MindenBidBondPro
LouisianaCity of SlidellBidBondPro
LouisianaCaddo Parish School BoardBidBondPro
LouisianaAscension Parish School BoardBidBondPro
LouisianaCity of RustonBidBondPro, Surepath
LouisianaBossier Parish School BoardBidBondPro
LouisianaCaddo-Bossier Parishes Port CommissionBidBondPro
LouisianaCalcasieu Parish Police JuryBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
LouisianaBossier Parish Emergency Medical ServicesBidBondPro
MaineDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
MarylandState of Maryland by and through the following Administration acting for the Maryland Department of Transportation: State Highway AdministrationBidBondPro
MarylandDGSBidBondPro, Surepath
MassachusettsDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
MassachusettsMassachusetts Bay Transportation AuthorityBidBid Express, BondPro
MichiganDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express
MinnesotaSt. Louis County Public Works DepartmentBidBondPro
MinnesotaHennepin CountyBidBondPro
MinnesotaDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, Surepath
MississippiDepartment of TransportationBidBondPro
MissouriDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro
MissouriSho-Me Technologies LLCBidBondPro
MissouriCity of ColumbiaBidBondPro
MissouriDepartment of TransportationBidSurepath
MissouriCity of Lee's SummitBidBondPro
MontanaDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
NebraskaDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express
NevadaDepartment of TransportationBidBondPro, Surepath
New JerseyTransit AuthorityBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
New JerseyTurnpike AuthorityBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
New JerseyDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
New MexicoDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
New YorkNiagara Frontier Transportation AuthorityBidBondPro
New YorkDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
North CarolinaDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
North DakotaDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express
OhioNP Limited PartnershipBidBondPro
OhioCity of PiquaBidBondPro
OhioCity of ToledoBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
OhioCity of ColumbusBidBid Express, Surepath
OhioCity of WestervilleBidBondPro, Surepath
OhioDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
OhioStark County, OhioBidBondPro
OhioDepartment of Public Service, City of ColumbusBidBondPro
OklahomaDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
OklahomaOklahoma Turnpike AuthorityBidBondPro
OklahomaThe City of Oklahoma City and its participating TrustsBidBondPro
OregonDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
PennsylvaniaTurnpikeBid, Performance and PaymentSurepath
South CarolinaDepartment of Juvenile JusticeBidBondPro
South CarolinaCollege of CharlestonBidBondPro
South CarolinaCriminal Justice AcademyBidBondPro
South CarolinaOffice of State EngineerBidBondPro, Surepath
South CarolinaDepartment of Motor VehiclesBidBondPro
South CarolinaDepartment of CorrectionsBidBondPro
South CarolinaDepartment of Public SafetyBidBondPro
South CarolinaDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
South CarolinaYork Technical CollegeBidBondPro
South DakotaDepartment of TransportationBidBondPro, Surepath
TennesseeDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
TexasDepartment of TransportationBidBondPro, Surepath
TexasCity of DuncanvilleBidBondPro
TexasCity of Garland, TXBidBondPro
UtahDepartment of TransportationBidBondPro, Surepath
VermontAgency of TransporationBidBid Express
VermontDepartment of TransportationBidBondPro, Surepath
VirginiaDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
WashingtonDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
WashingtonClark County WashingtonBidBondPro
West VirginiaDepartment of Transportation, Division of HighwaysBidBid Express, BondPro, Surepath
WisconsinDepartment of TransportationBidBid Express
WisconsinCity of RacineBidBondPro
WisconsinCity of Milwaukee Department of Public WorksBidBondPro
WyomingCity of LaramieBidBondPro
WyomingDepartment of TransportationBidBondPro, Surepath


Vendor Statements

Bid ExpressWe are in the process of implementing Delaware DOT and expect to implement Washington, DC DOT and New York State Thruway Authority in late 2014.
SurepathPerformance and Payment bonds are pending for Missouri Department of Transportation.


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