Best Practices: Solution Providers

The following vendors offer services and products that have electronic bond execution functionality.  The vendors listed here offer bond execution systems which posses the features described in the document: “Best Practices: Electronic Bonding Technologies” as of the date the system was reviewed by the SFAA/NASBP Joint Automation Committee.  The review date follows the name of the vendor. The purpose of this list is to provide information regarding which bond execution vendors follow electronic bond execution best practices as developed by SFAA and NASBP.

Product or ServiceWeb SiteDescriptionEvaluation Date
InSure Vision Technologies 09/15/14Unknown
Insurance Automation Grouphttp://www.insuranceautomationgroup.comAdded 09/15/14Unknown
Mobile Bondshttp://www.mobilebonds.comAdded 05/07/1509/17/14
Xenex Enterprises Inc. 09/15/14Unknown

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information on it is not considered verified or final.

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