The Vision of Surety Automation

The objective of surety automation is to employ technology to streamline processes, reduce redundancies and increase productivity in the surety bond process, which spans the application for the bond, the execution and submission of the bond and the processing of premium. The objectives of surety automation are realized fully when methodologies involving transmission, security, verification and data integration encourage the broadest participation by surety companies, surety bond producers, contractors, project owners, risk managers and other parties in the bond process. Any methodology should seek to maximize interoperability among disparate systems. Broad participation in surety automation is the vision. Interoperability through open standards and systems is the way to that vision.

Surety Data Standards

For the latest updates on surety data standards, please visit the XBRL and ACORD Surety Forms pages.

Surety Innovation Center

The First Surety Innovation Center was held at the 2017 NASBP Annual Meeting in Boca Raton, Florida. Learn more by clicking here.

Latest Automation News

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